“Heroes and Monsters”, Invisible 3
Edited by Jim C. Hines & Mary Anne Mohanraj, June 2017

Short Stories

“Blank Canvas”, Ashes to Sunrise
Edited by Mia Darien, January 2017
Lightspeed June 2016 Issue 73

“The Peacekeeper”, Lightspeed Magazine
June 2016 (Issue 73)
Review via Quick Sips  (Spoiler Warning!)

Also appears in:

We, Robots: Artificial Intelligence in 100 Stories,
edited by Simon Ings, Head of Zeus, December 2020

Fractured “D-Day”, Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse
Exile Editions, August 2014
Beast Within 3 “Mother Water”, The Beast Within 3: Oceans Unleashed
Graveside Tales, December 2012
“Quick Draw”, The Best of Friday Flash Volume 2
eMergent Press, October 2012
Candle in the Attic Window “Nine Nights”, Candle in the Attic Window
Innsmouth Free Press, September 2011.

Listen to the story: Tales to Terrify No 146.