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Surprised Goldfish
Surprise!!! by Benson Kua

I’ve also got more good news to share, and whenever I say good news, I know you all will think its something to do with a certain novel. It does, but its likely not what you expect. I sent the first two chapters as an application to Viable Paradise, and I’ve been accepted! I’m in for an intense one week science fiction and fantasy writing workshop experience this October.

I’m feeling more than slightly intimidated (just check out the instructor list). I’ve read good things about it (frequently colored with a slight shake of crazy), but I’m mostly nervous because I’m a little shy. I still am thrilled and excited though!

I’m also a bit dazed. I was up late baking sourdough when the email acceptance came. I didn’t expect one so soon, and clicked it without thinking what I might be. I had to read it several times to make sure I wasn’t reading it wrong. E’s been super sweet and supportive about it. He checked out flights and travel logistics for me. He also booked a ticket to Boston (I haven’t even paid the tuition yet!) as a gift.

Today’s also a special day because I’m guest posting over at Courage 2 Create, where I have a few words to say about picking yourself up off the ground quickly after a failure or rejection. I hope you check it out 🙂

Lastly, 15 year old Will (John’s cousin) needs an emergency liver donation. If you’re type A or type O, I hope you check out the post on John’s blog for more information. Finding a match isn’t easy. If you are healthy, your liver should recover (only a small piece is taken).

Now off to google some more future classmates. I’m kind of ashamed, but you all do that don’t you? Ok maybe not…



Sooo, squeaks with excitement I’ve got a story out today! So much for playing all cool… I’ve been grinning  like a dork all day! My coworkers probably think I’m nuts.

The pertinent details:

Nine Nights* is a ghost story set against the stormy monsoon heat of the Philippines. It begins with a funeral, a tourist, and old family secrets. It ends in a crumbling cemetery.

*Nine nights refers to the pasiyam or nine days of prayer following the funeral of a family member. It’s believed that the soul lingers on earth for nine days before finally moving on to the afterlife. During those nine days, people say that unexplained things sometimes happen…

The story is available in the Candle in the Attic Window anthology of gothic fiction, edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles. It has a sweet, sweet, cover…

Candle in the Attic Window Cover
Candle in the Attic Window

The table of contents, and a sample story from the anthology are available on the Innsmouth Free Press Website. The list of writers is a bit wonderful. It’s good company to keep.

Growing up, the stories I heard from friends and cousins coming back from Asia terrified me, so it seemed fitting to go back there and revisit that fear. I never thought I’d write horror. I’m afraid of everything! Maybe that fear transfers to the page?

YAY! That is all.