My, what a very muscled fish that is! It’s release day for the Oceans Unleashed anthology. The anthology features a collection of aquatic shapeshifter stories.

Here’s a sneak peak at the table of contents.

My contribution to the anthology is “Mother Water”,  a story about a young Laoatian girl and a giant catfish.  Nothing about writing this story came easy, and I’m so happy that it found a home.

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This is an anthology that I love for numerous reasons, and the first is the people: the awesome Friday Flash community. You are an inspiration, and I feel honored to be included in this book! It’s not often that you can look over a table of contents and recognize so many familiar names, some of whom you now consider friends.

When I first  started blogging, I wanted a reason to start writing regularly again, and the Friday Flash folk were so encouraging. I learned a heck of a lot. It was a great way to play with different writing styles and techniques.  I no longer have the time to write flash, but I still read the stories when I have time.

For those that are not familiar with Friday Flash, it is a community of writers that post flash fiction to their blogs once a week. All stories are 1000 words or less and cover every genre you can think of. Participants are encouraged to read/comment/offer feedback on the stories posted. The second anthology was picked up by a publisher and here we are 😉 I’m so happy for everyone!

Thanks to Jon Stother, Tony NolandRachel Blackbirdsong, and Jodi Cleghorn for putting this all together!

I wanted to try writing a Western, and so I thought of driving through the Canadian prairies as a kid. Once you are past the Rockies the entire landscape opens up. The sky is bright blue, and dotted with clouds, that drizzle, and storm, and race by, creating pools of darkness and wells of light across the landscape. Shadows and light. Revenge and forgiveness. Rough folk and soft hearts. In 1000 words. It turned into the story “Quick Draw” which is included in the anthology, and EEEE!!!!!! made it into the Editor’s Choice picks *happy dance*

The anthology features four other Canadians. We’ve decided to put our own twist on this launch day celebration so we’re doing a little blog hop! Here are the rest of my fellow Canuck anthology mates:

I do hope you have a chance to stop by their blogs, and if you are interested you can order a copy of the anthology here. I’ve just ordered a copy and can’t wait to read through it.

Also, Happy Halloween. 🙂