Creature Compendium

So folks, the genre glossary is complete, and I’d like to introduce a new regular feature to the blog: The Creature Compendium!

Whyfore, you may ask, am I creating just another bestiary? WELL thank you for asking! Every culture has it’s mythical creatures, and I’d like highlight the lesser known. This will be a starting point for research into world folklore.

So without further ado, here’s our first visitor to the blog:

Le Loup-Garou

Garou by Mir-Black-Magic


Le loup-garou (le loup = the wolf) is a lycanthrope with a Canadian spin. The stories of le loup originate from the French settlers of Quebec in the 17th century. Le loup-garou is said to be able to change into a wolf at will, and also with the full moon.

There are various stories for how one becomes a loup-garou. One legend says that if you meet a loup-garou, and speak of the encounter, you will be cursed to turn into a wolf for a hundred and one days. In another story, le loup were men cursed for refusing to go to church, and to break the spell, the men had to confess their sins to a priest. In other stories, le loup-garou were men who made a bargain with the devil.

To force a loup-garou to reveal himself, a you must shed a little blood. A pinprick to a finger is enough.


Related Creatures: werewolf, rougarou

Region of Origin: North America, Canada, Quebec