July 2019

State of the writer:

June did not cooperate with me. Health and work meant that I had to take a longer than expected break from writing. Now all my momentum is out the window. I’m trying to find it again, but re-starting from a full stop is difficult. I’m still not feeling great, and it doesn’t help things, but it’s starting to get better.

On my mind lately:

Maybe I’ve been been on the internet so long that I’ve become one of those grumpy old people that yells about change. I’ve had several discussions with friends lately about how the internet felt like it fell apart after Google’s RSS reader was discontinued, and blogs pretty much disappeared as a main source of community on the internet.

I still like blogging, because it allows me to be slightly more eloquent than on Twitter, which isn’t the best medium for anything more than a sound bite. Instagram, is very good for the visually inclined, and quickly sharing bits of moods or emotional truths. But I don’t think either quite replaces blogging.

I’m not sure why newsletters are being promoted as a must have these days, when my inboxes are overflowing, and the newsletters I subscribe to (no matter how entertaining they are) mostly they just get deleted.

Now we have subscription fee everything including newsletters, or Patreons for podcasts and extra short stories. I don’t begrudge anyone for the hustle, because it’s damned hard making a living in the arts! But I don’t have unlimited funds to support everyone I’d like to support (not even my friends), and I don’t have enough time to enjoy it all.

I don’t know. Maybe it feels like you have more control when something is not shared publicly with the masses like a blog is? Is that why newsletters are a thing now? On the other hand, I think my archives here feel like an archive of my life, and growth, and the changes over the years. There’s something to be said for the persistence of information: it can be both good and bad. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep at this, because I enjoy it.

Links on the state of diversity in kidlit:

I’m so happy there has been some positive change, and that discussions are happening in the industry, but there’s such a long way to go before all kids get to see themselves as the heroes of their own stories.

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  1. Oh man, I feel like you pulled this whole update straight out of my own brain. Ditto to all of it, 110%. You and me, haha, we can be the last bloggers on the internet. I might even steal your “month in review” format soon…

    1. I thought you’d appreciate it! But kind of sad so many of my favourite blogs (if they haven’t gone commercial) are just not updated anymore. Hehe, please feel free to steal the format! I like knowing what people have been up to. 🙂

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