November 2017 Recap


Can I scream for joy? Because YES this story is working now. Ideas have been bubbling out of my brain and fleshing out the bare scaffolding of the first draft. The setting choice seems to be working, and it brings in layers of complexity that were missing from the first science fictional version. Maybe I guess, I just enjoy monster stories? It’s a bit further down the horror scale than I’d normally write for YA fiction, but I’m having so much fun. It’s Gothic,  creepy, haunted, and at it’s heart is a lonely monster that wants a friend. The story is still rough, and I’m just fixing the major structural issues involved, but I know where I want this to be headed.

Unfortunately, my December work schedule is going to be a mess, and that means my writing schedule will be too. I’m not sure how much I can get done before the new year, but fingers crossed that I can tackle a bit more of this revision.


Writing was the biggest bright spot this month. I know 2017 has been a terrible year for just about everyone, and despite living on Canada we’re no exception. We lost another uncle this November. That makes it three deaths in the family this year. How do you explain death to a 2 year old? I don’t think she quite gets it, which is both relief and heartbreaking. She’ll still talk about uncle is as if he’s coming back.

I’ve been reassessing what I consider a good day lately. The joys are are smaller: quiet moments cuddling a child that still fits in my lap, seeing the full moon in a clear sky and being able to pick out constellations. Good hair days. Ill advised sewing plans that come together on a wish. Sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand and hot coffee in my hands. That feeling of relief when the child actually goes down for a nap. The occasional non-embarrassing photo. Those brilliant moments where a new idea for a story brings a world to life. Books.

Most days are bad and good in broken bits and pieces. It’s sometimes hard to find the good bits, but noticing them helps make everything a little less overwhelming. But oh, I hope there to will be some brilliant, shining, blazing, good ones for us all soon.


  • Monstress Vol 2 by Marjorie Liu
  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F. C. Yee

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  1. “at it’s heart is a lonely monster that wants a friend” — Sign me up!

    “quiet moments cuddling a child that still fits in my lap” — I try so, so hard to treasure those moments.

    Yes times a million to your whole last paragraph.

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