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Reading: The Stars Are Legion

The Stars Are Legion Book Cover The Stars Are Legion
Kameron Hurley
Science Fiction
Simon and Schuster
February 7, 2017


Here begin a bunch of disjointed thoughts, because my brain is still spinning from this book. Just, WTF, what was that?

If you’ve never read Hurley’s writing before, then brace yourself for some squicky, weird, stuff. We’ve got fleshy world ships, mutants, plenty of goo, giant spiders, tentacles, plenty of bodily/worldly fluids. The world building is crazy. World ships birth everything that they require to repair themselves – including non-sentient cogs and parts. You’ve got tissue work and repair, instead of welding and metal. Bodies are recycled, fed back into the ship. Oh, and every single person in the legion (a collection of world ships) is a woman.*

It’s written in first person present, which I know a lot of you are not fans of, but Hurley pulls it off well enough that I stopped noticing after a while. Whether or not you prefer it, I think first person present is useful for both immediacy, and stories where you don’t want to give away whether or not the hero lives or dies. A lot of people die in this book. This is not a spoiler, just an observation.

And then there’s the action. It starts off running, with the main character being launched off to war without memories of who she is. It’s a war story that turns into a quest of sorts, before returning to the war thread.

Aside: I’m glad this was a book, because I don’t think I could stomach watching it as a movie. I’d probably want to scrub my brain clean if I ever saw half the things described in the novel, and for once, I’m glad my imagination isn’t that visual.

Overall, it was a fast paced read, unexpectedly fun, and one of the weirdest things I’ve read in a long time.

*There's a variant cover titled "Lesbians in Space"


  1. My imagination *is* very visual — I have gone faint from reading birth stories, lol — so I probably should skip this one. Your description makes it sound fascinating though!

    1. T. S. Bazelli Author

      In that case, YEAH don’t read it! Not only is it squicky, there are also birth scenes in it that are the stuff of nightmares. (Weirdly I didn’t mind because it wasn’t horror, just gross)

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