May 2017 Recap

This month. This month! It’s been up and down, and sideways and everywhere. Some of it was day jobbery gone sideways, but that’s resolved. Some of it was just the long slog. I love tinkering with my stories and making them better, but I’ve been running low on steam and needed a bit of a break.

I didn’t read any books this months, but I’ve been beta reading. I think that it takes work to become a better beta reader, just like it takes work to be a better writer. I’ve been experimenting with a new beta reading feedback format based on Jami Gold’s template. So far it’s working out better for me. I appreciate that it has structure and covers most points you’d want addressed in a developmental edits.

And that’s all I’ve got for you today. Do you have anything good to share? I’d love to know, no matter how silly. I could use a little injection of positivity. I think we all could, lately!