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Some nifty finds online:

Fantasy Worldbuilding Resources. This batch includes a including a language generator, map maker, and my favorite, the speed distance calculator (how long it would take someone to get somewhere).

Master List of Facial Expressions. So every description is not just ‘he smiled or she looked’. (raises hand, guilty).

Halcyon Maps (lethal dosages of poisons). JUST in case your characters ever need to poison someone.

Any good finds on your side?

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  1. The facial expressions list is interesting. Some depend on context (for example, the difference between “(s)he looked heavenward” and “(s)he glanced up to the ceiling” is in what we know about the character — the expressions might be identical).

    Some, even though they describe things that really happen, I would tend not to use, since they sound like cliches (some of the ones about crying, for example).

    Also, there’s some disagreement about whether eyes actually twinkle, gleam, sparkle, flash, glint, burn, or blaze. I’d use those sparingly.

    I’ve definitely used the one about a mouth quirking — I’m all about the facial expression which is being imperfectly suppressed. 🙂

    1. I have used those twinkle, blaze etc. though they are kind of cliche, and yes sparingly is the best option for those. I think there’s gotta be some room for metaphor though 😉

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