Ashes to Sunrise – Release Day!

Everything becomes ashes. Every morning becomes the sunrise. Sometimes, the one must rise from the other.

In these seven tales of science fiction and fantasy, see worlds and universes through the eyes of those facing either ashes or sunrise, moving from one to the other. Those forced to live on the sidelines, but who will not be kept down. Those who will rise, like the sun.

100% of the author proceeds from this anthology will go to the ACLU, to continue helping them fight for those rising from ashes. Available on Amazon in Ebook and Print.

Sometimes horrors are quiet and personal. Some horrors, only you might understand, and even if someone else witnessed it, saw it, lived it, they mass pass as nothing. But that doesn’t mean they can’t break you.

My story in the anthology, Blank Canvas, might only be a horror story to me. It was the angriest story I’d ever written, and probably the most personal. The events and characters are fictional, but the ideas of cultural loss, family loss, and the things we sacrifice to survive, were largely on my mind. How much is ambition worth? How much bigotry can you tolerate before it wears you down? At what point do you lose yourself?

I’m happy this story found a home somewhere, and I hope you do check out the anthology out then spread the word/review it if you enjoy it. You’ll not only be supporting a good cause (none of us are getting paid) but also getting some fiction for it.

And yes, this release date was chosen purposefully.

We’re having a Facebook party to launch the anthology today. Come join in your pajamas and help us throw some virtual confetti. You’re welcome to promo any of your own books as well!

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  1. Hah, I love that the release date was so intentional. Congrats on the story and anthology!

    Btw, love the new profile pic, and the blog is looking sharp too. 😉

  2. Sounds good. I bought my copy. 🙂

    (Btw, your “dancer’s life” post from months ago just popped up as a new post in my email. I read it and thought it was an interesting post that I wanted to comment on, but then I realized that I already had.)

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