Writing When the World is a Flaming Trash Can

It sometimes feel so silly to put so much importance into something as intangible as writing when the world seems to be falling apart around you. I know it matters, because to get my words out there might give someone else a little hope in the future. But today? Does it really? There are so many problems in the world that I wish I could help with, and other ways I could help them, now. Not just later.

But then again, I know how much hope helps. I know what it’s like to live without it.

Hope gives you a way out. Hope give you a way forward. Without hope, there’s no possibility of change, or fixing anything, or making a difference. You need plans before you start building a house. You need to imagine a different world before it can become reality.

You writers are bottlers and distillers of hope.
Your words were a hand held out when I thought there was no way forward.
Your words  built armor for my soul when there were no arms to hold me.
You are shaping the future.
Your words are the culture we live in.
Your words are important.
You are necessary.

Sometimes hope seems like such a fragile thing, so intangible.
But it is also everything.
Keep going.

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