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Go Forth and Read (Writing References)

More awesomesauce links for writers.

Brief Analysis of the Alphahole trope in Romance Fiction – Oh this is a good one (also hilarious) and it doesn’t matter if you don’t write Romance. This trope shows up everywhere. Bruce Wayne? Totally an Alphahole. More on that if you read it.

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions – A long list if you’re thinking about a new story. Not just useful for fantasy, but any story that’s not set here and now.

Writing With Color – Ways to describe skin color without resorting to those dreaded food analogies.

Names of the World – A starting point for finding names common in different countries. When baby name websites aren’t enough. via Tam MacNeil who also posts tons of writing resources and happens to write cool books too.

Useful stuff. Do you have any links to share?

2 Comments to “Go Forth and Read (Writing References)”

  1. It’s very true about Bruce Wayne. In a comic from last week (Trinity #1), Bruce and Diana (Wonder Woman) are going to have dinner with Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Bruce is obviously annoyed at being there, and keeps saying things like, “A quick in and out,” and “I don’t do things like this.”

    In a great character note, Diana has arrived with the huge corpse of a wild boar slung across her shoulders — presumably because when you’re invited to dinner, it’s polite to bring a dish. 🙂

    I almost never describe skin color. The one time I have — that I can remember — I said “gold,” and used the comparison to a gold crayon (the point being that it was not a regular human skin color)..

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