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May 2016 Recap

Writing days: 20
Brainstorming / Research / Plotting : 2

So the baby sleep count didn’t work out this month because the kiddo’s habits keep changing, and I’m so tired I’ve actually slept through some of those night wakings by accident.

On the writing front, this was my first full month at this novel, and I’m really happy with how it’s gone. I’ve slowed down since I hit the halfway mark, and I think that’s partly fatigue. I’ve been steaming through until now, so 1k a day seems like a bad day, when it’s been my target for years. Maybe I’m just getting more impatient.

The slowdown usually happens around the mid-point for me, because I know just how much work there is left to do, and how much there will be to fix in the next draft. But don’t cry for me, because I expect this by now, and I know the only way past it is to keep going.

poc-destroy-sf ALSO in happy news, Lightspeed’s special double issue: POC Destroy Science Fiction is out! My story “The Peacekeeper” is a flash piece about a malfunctioning civil android unit trying to solve the problem of war. You’ll have to buy the issue to read my story, but some of the others are available on the website, so please do check those out. So far what I’ve seen is fantastic.

So, how was your May?

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  1. Oh Wow! You’re in Lightspeed! That’s awesome, congrats! Lightspeed is one of my bellwether mags: if you make it there, then you’ve MADE it.

    It’s one of the top-tiers I always submit to, but have yet to crack. (Actually, I have yet to crack any, except that one time I wrote a short NF piece for Lightspeed’s former sister mag.)

    Anyway, you’re doing great, and it’s awesome to hear about your progress.

    1. T. S. Bazelli Author

      Thanks Stephen! Yeah it’s a nut I’ve been trying to crack for a while too, but it’s tough when you’re not a prolific short story writer. I remember that article of yours on Steampunk (it was a good one). I’d say you cracked the market way before I did 🙂

      1. Yeah, but it was non-fic (even if it was on a fictional subject). In my own personal accounting, it kind of doesn’t count, because I’m a fiction writer. Getting my fiction into markets like that is the real aim. But, yeah, you’re right: it’s hard when you’re not a prolific short story writer. (I’m not a prolific anything writer, right now.)

        Anyway… Enough about that. The main point is, and the thing that bears repeating multiple times: Congrats!

        I will be reading “Peacekeeper” (as well as others in this Lightspeed issue) forthwith.

      2. T. S. Bazelli Author

        Awesome! I’m not sure if mine will appear online, but a bunch of the ones in the issue will be posted later this month. Otherwise, the whole issue is top notch as always, and totally worth buying.

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