April 2016 Recap

P. S. Will you be at the Creative Ink Festival? If you are, see you there! You won’t find me on any panels this time, but I might be helping out. As always, just say hello if you spot me.

And next, here’s April’s stats.

Writing days: 12
Brainstorming / Research / Plotting : 11
Days baby slept through the night: 8

Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Andersen


I was worried that the story wouldn’t come together, but things kind of gelled at the end of the first week of April. I’d been jotting down scene ideas for the past month, without a clear idea of where they’d go, but there was enough plot there to get started with.

4 novels later, I also finally set up a template for organizing characters and world building. This way there’s only one place I need to go if I forget what the currency is called, or what countries there are on the map, names of minor characters and when they show up. I always forget these things, especially names. I’m horrible with names. This falls into the territory of boring, but necessary.

I’ve also got some (terrible) pictures for you.

Office improvements

An update on the standing desk wobbliness: fixed by adding an adjustable table leg from Ikea. My key requirement was that it had to be adjustable like the other side of the desk. It’s not screwed in, but stable enough because I added some some non-slip rubber padding. Bonus points because the leg is the same colour as the other legs!

Office improvements

I have a small bulletin board but it was clear it wouldn’t be enough to handle the plot for an entire novel. Instead, I put some painter’s tape up behind the door in this weird little niche. Unfortunately the toddler has discovered the pretty papers and likes to pull them down, so I’ve had to only use the upper portions of the wall. It still works. 🙂

And, still not luck on the sleep front. I was sick. Baby was sick. Teeth are showing up left and right. There is much screaming at bedtime… so I’m going to focus on the words, because damn, it was a good writing month.

The first draft of this novel is already 30% done, and it’s only really been two weeks of writing. That’s crazzzzy talk. I’m never this productive – ever – except now. I wish I could bottle this. I’m not sure how long the lightning is going to last, but I’m going to ride it as long as I can.

And how was your month?

4 Comments to “April 2016 Recap”

  1. Chronic illness has killed my last two months of writing. As in, total wordcount: 0

    Before the problems related to that, my 2016 had been off to a pretty decent start. I thought it was feasible that I could hit 50,000 words in 2016, which would have been a record for me.

  2. I was making an outline on one story, and outlining is so not me that I started making notes on a different story instead.

    The one with the (beginning) outline would have to be a novel (set in a nursing home, because I’ve already done the research 🙂 ), and I’m not sure I’m up for a novel at this point. But I’m still making notes on both ideas, and it will work itself out eventually.

    Almost anything is possible as long as you don’t plan too much. Or outline.

    Your having to put the notes high enough to keep them safe reminds me of the time my (then-)wife started an avocado plant, and you could see it growing as tall as it could, as fast as it could, to keep at least some its leaves away from the cats.

    The plant lost. 🙂

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