Invisible Returns

After reading Julie’s post, I started thinking about how many of those ‘invisible returns’ I’ve gotten from writing, because on those rough days, sometimes I wonder why I’m doing this at all.

There’s a reassuring sense of purpose you only get when you know what you want to do or accomplish in your life. Writing gives me that. No matter if I sell a story or not, it feels like I’m using my gifts/talents towards something instead of wasting them.

There are all my writer friends. You are the best. Honestly. You’re all amazing, and so quick to cheer one another (I see you) whenever someone is having a bad day, or cheer along all those mini milestones (like daily word counts) that no one else would think is a big deal. No one else gets it like you do.

I get to live multiple lives at once, to make my dream worlds real enough for other people to experience. I get to daydream and call it work.

Writing gets me out in the world. It’s a way to meet people I wouldn’t have otherwise, or possibly affect people I’ll never meet. I’m a very introverted person so I have to actively work on not shutting everyone out. It’s good to get out of my comfort zone sometimes, and writing workshops, conferences, or even just reaching out to people are online are some ways I can. Even submitting stories into the wild is an opportunity. Each story is a little sending from my heart. Who knows who might answer?

And yes, I think I’ve gotten better at this writing thing. I think I may have finally cracked the short story nut, even though I still prefer novels. I can plot like mad. Level up. 

So who knows what’s next? I’m happy that there are possibilities for my work getting out into the world. Whatever happens, I just know that I’ll still be doing this. I couldn’t stop even if I tried.

What do you get out of your writing?

5 Comments to “Invisible Returns”

  1. I have no profound answers on this. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of one, and all I come up with is that I’ve tried writing, and I’ve tried not writing, and writing is more fun.

    And it is. 🙂

  2. T.S., I love this post so hard. Because the thing about writing is that it is almost all invisible returns. And I don’t think that ever really changes. So much of what we do is beneath the surface. We have to learn to breathe underwater. And to enjoy it.

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