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Procrastinating As Usual

The first words are always the hardest and I don’t know why that is. Whenever I start a new story, it feels like there’s a dam I need to break down before the words start to flow. Right now, I’m scratching around the base of that concrete block by throwing some outlines down, trying to be clever on twitter, and pretending that I’m not really writing.

Why is it so hard to begin? (You don’t really need to answer) The blank page is intimidating. It’s worse than a spotlight on a stage. These are different butterflies, ones that don’t say “if you mess up it’s okay, just smile and keep going”, no one will notice. These are more like moths, threatening to eat through your sweaters so you’re standing there naked.

As always, the cure is just to write.

But, maybe after I’ve checked my twitter feed and written a few blog posts…

(It always begins the same way)

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