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Inspriation. Aspiration.

Something within her refused to grow. Something endless, eternal. Something bold. Something warrior-like. She looked up at the stars, she could feel, she felt as if she could pluck them one by one and send them spinning into the world, like small beautiful elastic mercurial weapons. Now too, the time is coming.
~ Virginia Wolf

I’m not good at painting the internal world of my characters. Which seems strange, since my own is so vivid. You can add so much richness to a character when you paint out the way they think. How does a character form their thoughts? Can you parse feelings into images, tastes, and sounds, instead of thought words into written words? I think Wolf’s quote is a good example that.

I wanted to save that somewhere to chew on. Such much meat there.

Maybe I’ll post snippets of what I’m reading and what I’m learning from them regularly, yes? The learning is endless, but without it the writing wouldn’t be such fun.

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  1. I wrote in a journal a while ago, “It’s hard to journal about feelings because they’re mostly images.” Sadly, when it comes to journals, since they’re handwritten I don’t have much patience to sit and describe what exactly a crush feels like, I end up writing “I am having something of a crush.”

    But when it comes to writing a novel, I agree with Virginia. It seems that it’s so much easier to describe an inner world with images.

    You’re spot on, I think; If you can get a sense of what a feeling looks like, and you write about that, your readers are going to nod and say, “Yeah, I know exactly what that feels like!”

    Nice to see you’re still blogging! ^_^

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