Reinventing the Wheel

As always, there’s change in the air. It’s a fresh new year, and time for a new take on the blog. This place has evolved into somewhere to keep up with friends, rather than to publish information on writing, and I like that things are low key around here. Honestly, I’ve been at this so long, I’m just going to repeat myself if talk about that.

You guys don’t need any how to write posts. The more I read, the more I really only want to say “do what works for you”.

So, as I mentioned in the sidebar, it’s time to actually do what I want to with this blog, which is “anything”.  It’s time to start having some fun here! I find journaling relaxing, but I’ll keep it to occasional updates about writing or whatever’s on my mind about it, and not what I ate for breakfast (that’s what Twitter is for). Maybe I’ll post some photos while I look for information, or just about anything cool I find on the web. I’ll try and post more regularly, either which way.

Talk soon. – T

2 Comments to “Reinventing the Wheel”

  1. YAY and YEP! I know exactly how you feel. It’s happening to me/my blog too. The thing is, what I’ve always loved about blogs is how they evolve with us. This is what they’re meant to do! So let’s embrace it, instead of worrying about our “platform” or whatever. 🙂

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