New Standing Desk Setup

You may recall my previous work station involved balancing my laptop precariously on an open dresser drawer. Now that I have a little more space, I’ve got a proper standing desk set up. Bonus? It was cheap. I scored an adjustable non-tilt overbed table (hospital table) for $50 on Amazon.

New standing desk setup

This table can only support 25 lbs, but a laptop is light enough. I pulled a monitor stand off a free desk we got from Craigslist and added it on top. Unfortunately, with the monitor stand in place, my keyboard juts off the front edge just a little, but it’s not unstable. I could always  get a new stand that takes up less space on the narrow surface.

My only real peeve is that it tilts a little to the left because of the weight. I’m thinking of adding a piece of wood or an extra table leg for some support to the left hand side.

This was the most economical solution I could find, cheaper than making my own desk, and it’s adjustable too. I’m very happy with it.

Note: I haven’t switched to exclusively standing all day. I sit when I’m at the office, so its a nice change to stand when I’m at home writing or surfing the internet. I also have a cushioned bar stool I can pull up to the desk if I get a tired, but standing has done wonders for my back and neck pain.


  1. This kind of improvisation is pretty standard in my family. My mother’s apartment was full of creative solutions like this, and my speciality seems to be lamps that would fall over it if weren’t for bits of string holding them in place.

    Working areas should be functional and comfortable — that’s the key for me.

  2. Ingenious! You know, I think someday I could potentially join the ranks of treadmill desk writers. Mostly because I feel SO lazy sitting all day. And while I could go back to running… (a) I lack the discipline, (b) it’s kind of boring, and (c) I can’t stomach it in the summertime! Lol.

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