Release Day! D-Day

I’m a little bit late to announce this (but I’m TOTALLY blaming baby brain for the delay).


Fractured: Tales of the Canadian-Post Apocalypse is finally available. As the name suggests, the anthology presents different takes on what Canada may be like after the apocalypse.

Included is my story D-Day, a series of journal entries following the day that everyone in the world, except 5 people, disappear into thin air. I think it’s the strangest thing I’ve written. It also may be a love story.

I’m happy to share the table of contents with so much Canadian talent, and doubly happy to see Arun Jiwa, fellow Viable Paradise 16er, in there too!

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  1. Awesome! What is this, like your 3rd pub? If all of those were SFWA-qualifying markets, then you’d be eligible to join the SFWA. Either way, I think this is the sort of milestone where you can say “Yes, I’m a professional author.” Congrats!

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