Time Out


So I’m not actually on a tropical beach, but in the office, I just wish I was on one! The past couple weeks have been really tough, and included a short stint in the emergency room at the hospital, plus more doctors than I can count. I’m doing okay, but I need to rearrange my priorities for the next while. I’m not going anywhere, but I need rest more, and writing has to take a back seat to my health. Maybe this blog will start getting interesting again when I feel a bit better? It’s hard to think of things to blog about when all you want to do is curl up in the fetal position.

Until then, know you’re not forgotten. I’ll be back!

9 Comments to “Time Out”

  1. Real life happens, and sometimes that does have to be the priority. Sorry things are tough for you right now — hope they get much better and very soon.

    I haven’t been writing much either recently (my mother just passed away), and I guess there are some similarities between endless doctors and endless lawyers.

    You’re not forgotten either, even if you don’t post for a while. I (we) will be thinking about you.

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