New Look and New York

First off, the blog redesign is finally done. I think this will stick for a while. It’s simple, but I’m liking the fresh colour palette.

Secondly I was in NYC last week, which was the main reason for my absence. When I can, I like checking out the libraries in different cities, and I took some photos for you.

New York

I thought it was a museum at first, because there were tourists walking around taking photos. My question was – if this is a library where are all the books?

New York

Check out the painted ceilings. It turns out that you need to request a book from the collection, and someone will fetch it for you.

New York

I imagine there must be books vaulted away in the basements or back rooms.

New York

And it also turned out there’s a more modern library across the street, with books piled up on shelves, that looks more familiar.

Maybe it just seemed strange to me. What does your local library look like?

For more New York photos (and not just the library) check out my Flickr stream.


  1. WHOA, a library where I can’t just walk around marveling at books and picking them off the shelves at my whim? Where’s the fun in that? (OK, yes, the architecture is lovely here… but still!)

    The libraries in the neighborhoods where I have lived have all been fairly small and plain — but I did love the one by the house where I grew up nonetheless. There was magic there, for a girl who loved words. 🙂

    1. Hehe it was really odd to me. I’m used to piled up metal shelves full of frayed volumes. The usual, I think. Doesn’t matter what they look like though, the magic’s all in the books for me too 🙂

  2. The NYPL is a research library, not a lending library. I’ve done some research there, and you’re right, you hand in a slip and they get the book for you (some books they have to be sure of getting back). I believe there are also some collections which are only available to scholars.

    My mother, an art historian, did a lot of research there over the years.

    There is currently a big furor because the city has agreed to relocate some of the collection and a bunch of scholars have started a lawsuit to block this. I’m not following all the details, I admit.

    As you say, the Mid-Manhattan, diagonally across the street, is a conventional lending library, though even there you have to request some things, like periodicals.

  3. I’ll have to wait until I get home to comment on the new look, by the way. On my phone it looks the same as it did before. 🙂

    (Incidentally, I do always appreciate blogs that have mobile-specific themes.)

    1. I do like the new look for the blog. Very clean, but with a nice echo of the old theme.

      By coincidence, by the way, the news came out today that the plan to relocate the books and so on was just abandoned. The library will continue as it has been. (By the way, it turns out that a lot of the books are stored out back, under Bryant Park.

  4. Not a bad look. I like the update to your header – it reflects the style of your old blogsite.

    And wow, does that NY Library look awesome, if not for the books.

    But New York, eh? There just as a tourist, or did you have better reasons? (It is not lost on me that NY is the center of the publishing industry in North America, but also not lost on me that it’s a popular tourist destination, and that I can’t actually read anything into someone visiting NYC.)

      1. T. S. Bazelli Author

        Yes just a tourist. Husband was there on business, and I needed a vacation 🙂 And you know, it probably is! I thought I saw the fire station type building they used in the movies while wandering around, but wasn’t quite sure.

  5. The Ghostbusters fire house is in lower Manhattan, on the west side. I used to pass it every day. The Ghostbusters insignia is still on the wall inside — you can see it when the firehouse door is open.

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