On slow simmer

Tea break in London
Taking a tea break


Things have been hectic around la casa Bazelli lately. Writing has taken a bit of a back seat to life, but I’ve still got a couple of projects slowly shaping up behind the scenes.

There’s a novel to edit. I’ve been eating through archaeological and historical texts like candy lately. I hope to fortify myself with enough knowledge to tackle the edits intelligently (and with less panic) this time. It looks like it will be a lot of work but not as impossible as I once thought.

A short story’s percolating in the back of my skull too. I’m not sure what will come of it, but I may try to coax it out and see what happens. So far it looks like it might be tragic.

What have you been up to?

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  1. Slow simmer over here as well. I have a couple short story files on my desktop, waiting to get some water and sunshine, but I’m too busy lavishing all my attention on my ms. It’s almost (almost almost almost) ready to be queried. Last pass. Zomg.

    (Small side note: I was poking around and noticed you’re missing “by” in front of “by day” in your bio page. :P)

  2. Well, still working away on my new story. I thought some things were going to be left unresolved at the end, but then I figured out how to resolve them, so apparently it will end up being longer than I expected. But that’s okay.

  3. Been alive, here, but haven’t really been living. Moments of life peak through in occasional bright flashes, generally courtesy of one of the offspring, but that’s a double-edged sword since the chronic and interminable lack of sleep, the proximate cause of the “not living” side of life, is also a gift from said offspring.

    I haven’t written a word of fiction in months. My story-telling brain just feels like it’s in a fog. I’m convinced that if and when I ever start getting adequate sleep again, I’ll find both the time and energy to write.

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