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Creature Compendium: The Qalupalik

Here we have yet another baby snatching creature. Beware you little children, for you seem to make tasty snacks or pets.

The Qalupalik

Qalupalik by Joy Ang

The Qalupalik is a sea creature of Inuit legends, that steals disobedient children if they wander too close to the edge of the ice during the spring melt. It has long fingernails, green skin, and wears a sling for carrying babies. It makes a noise that sounds like underwater air bubbles, there is warning that one nearby. Stolen children are never seen again.

Further Information:

Related Creatures: Krampus, Bloody Bones

Origin: Arctic, Inuit people


  1. Sounds like folks who get too close to the edge of the ice when it’s melting have a tendency to fall in when the ice breaks and, ya know, drown.

    I guess it’s scarier to imagine a monster is responsible, eh?

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