Head desk or face palm
Head desk or face palm by Cle0patra

That’s the sound of my head hitting the desk. I finally have a writing update though I’m a bit too wired to know if I’m at all coherent.

That YA novel I’ve mentioned a few times here? I’m finally DONE. blinks a few times Done?

The first draft, anyway. Much to my surprise, it’s also done on time, despite a couple of months of the workopolypse where writing anything at all was nigh on impossible.

I used NIGH in a sentence! giggling

Okay okay, so… about that book. The first draft clocks in at 69k, and knowing my usual mad-dash-to-the-end drafting method, will grow by a little bit during edits.

My biggest problem right now is, now what? I’m not jumping into these edits without a good break in between, because I know how horribly that can go. Now what? Besides a break that is – and maybe some cake. Cake sure does sound good. Or cookies. HRM… tough call.

Do you have any writing news? Good news? Any news to share?

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  1. Mmm, cake…

    My news is that a flash fiction piece was recently accepted for publication, but I’m not broadcasting details until they’re firmed up. Still, it put some pep in my step. 🙂

    Congrats on finishing your draft! Now you can join me in edit land, hehehe.

    1. Ooh congrats to you too! That’s great news!

      And yeah, kind of looking forward to doing something different than drafting 🙂 Time to get out the colored pens (that always excites me)

  2. Cake? Cookies? You deserve both, in my opinion. A completed draft is an achievement. Celebrate! 🙂

    (And, yes, I agree that rushing into the edits is a bad idea.)

    Me, I’m working on a new story. I think it’s going pretty well so far, but I’m much closer to the beginning than the end.

  3. For me, the only thing resembling good writing news is that I’ve even written once or twice at all in the past four weeks, rather than nothing at all. That’s gone again, for the time being.

    Other news, which you can interpret as either good or bad: I’ve been bombarded, lately, by the idea fairy (or my subconscious, you know, whatever). I see it as both good and bad: good because, hey, having interesting ideas to write about is a good thing, if you’re a writer, right? Bad because when you already don’t have the time to write and you’ve already got a back-log of maybe a dozen ideas you want to explore and write about, the last thing you need is more ideas.

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