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Creature Compendium: Clurichaun

Here’s one of the less harmful creatures we’ve seen in the compendium so far — if you don’t mind a little drunken rowdiness.

The Clurichaun / Clobhair / His Nibs

Clurichaun by ~swampy

The clurichaun is the Irish leprechaun’s perpetually drunken cousin. At night they ride dogs and sheep, and generally cause trouble when not hidden away drinking in a wine cellar. The clurichaun is usually depicted wearing red, instead of green like the leprechaun, and always male.

Surly, solitary little creatures, a clurichuan will choose a home and appoint himself guardian of the wine cellar (or liquor cabinet). If you treat a one well, he will happily guard your liquor and home at all costs. To appease a clurichuan,  keep your liquor cabinet well stocked and thank him for his services otherwise he may cause mischief in the home, like spoiling the wine or spilling it in a tantrum.

Further reading:

Related creatures: leprechaun, faerie

Region of origin: Ireland

Would you want one of these little fellows in your home? I’m undecided.


    1. Just to ensure I wasn’t accidentally offensive: I mean that Dear Wife and I do not drink alcohol of any kind (for various reasons). Nothing against those who keep wine/beer/liquor on hand, but it does us little good to keep it since we don’t drink it.

      (For a few years we had a bottle of wine that came to us gratis during our honeymoon, but since we don’t drink, we never drank it. I believe we finally disposed of it somehow; can’t recall if the final recipient was the trash or a relative.)

  1. I do, I do! 😀 I totally want one! Though, we don’t have room for a liquor cabinet, so all of our alcohol is on top of the mini fridge. Still, with a blanket and some small pillows, and maybe some cream, half and half, and sugar to help with the general surliness, it would be comfy enough to accommodate a clurichuan. Or seven.

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