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On Music and Writing (And Embarrassing Writing Rituals)

So I’m guest blogging over at The Alternative Typewriter! Harry asked me to talk about music and writing, so I’ve shared my embarrassing writing routine for the interwebs to read about.

Dance by Dino Ahmad Ali (CC)

Here’s an excerpt:

Music and I have a funny relationship when it comes to writing.

I didn’t think that the two were acquainted until I stopped listening to music completely (but that is a different story). The well of words slowly dried up, and finding them became a chore. Sitting at the desk left me restless.

Writing is such a bodiless occupation. It transports your mind elsewhere, consumes everything, and it’s easy to neglect the body in the process. I realized I use music to reconnect…

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Do you listen to music when you write?

6 Comments to “On Music and Writing (And Embarrassing Writing Rituals)”

  1. Interesting. I agree completely about physical movement. I find walking very inspiring (physical movement, plus you see things — what could be better?). When I’m walking, sometimes I have music, and sometimes I don’t. The walking is really the important part.

  2. I need quiet when I write, but there are several songs I associate with every book – sometimes even going so far as to create a playlist for each one – and I often listen to those after I’ve finished writing about a corresponding scene/character/scenario. It’s amazing what a lasting impact it can have, forever tying a certain lyric to a certain writing adventure! 🙂

    (And as an aside: the title of a song actually inspired a huge part of my current WIP … I can’t imagine it now without that storyline!)

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