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Fantasy Novels by Asian Authors (Not YA)

I can think of several Asian-American writers who do YA fantasy, but what about in adult fantasy and science fiction?

I’d like to make an effort here. Maybe it’s a visibility issue and I don’t follow the right channels. I’d like to discover that there are more writers of Asian heritage that are published in English speaking markets than I believe. I put out a call on Twitter and here’s the initial list that came back, but I’d like your help too!

Fantasy Novels 

Science Fiction Novels

  • THE LIVES OF TAO by Wesley Chu – USA

SF/F Novellas

For YA and MG check out a list via Malinda Lo and diversity reading list via Elen Oh.

I’d like your suggestions, but please hold off on self-published books for now (that may be another list). And thank you!

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  1. If I may add Charles Yu, who wrote the excellent How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe. And you can’t forget the incredible Ted Chiang. Ted writes short stories and has a very small body of work but he is a writing god.

      1. And last time I spoke with Ken, he is working on a novel. He just had a baby though and has a pretty busy day job. Here’s hoping he gets some time to finish the book. In the meanwhile, he’ll just keep accumulating hugos and nebulas =p

  2. I wish I could send you more recs other than the ones you’ve listed. I’m so far behind on my reading list that it will be a long time before many/any of these pop up on my reading list. That said, I’m familiar with (and enjoy) Ken Liu’s short stories.

      1. Yeah. This year I hope to catch up on a few things on my backlog, though I’ve no immediate plans for how to do so. Whereas I’d rather buy books that I want to read, I’m probably going to have to settle for some library trips this year (and hope my local library is well-stocked with the sort of Epic Fantasy I’ve been meaning to read). Anything really stand-out I may want to buy anyway.

  3. Copying this from a Reddit commenter:

    “Fantasy seems to be gaining some steam among Indian Authors

    Samit Basu has The Gameworld Trilogy

    Ashok Banker has done a version of the historic epic The Ramayan and is working on another reworking of The Mahabharata written in a modern idiom. He has a lot of other books novels based on Indian Mythology.

    I havent read Amish Tripathis Shiva Trilogy but it is ridiculously popular in India these days to the point where they released a musical soundtrack for the last book -Oath of the Vayuputras. I have heard crazy numbers in terms of sales, according to wikipedia over a million copies. Its tough to overstate how big a deal Amish Tripathi is right now.”

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