Looking a little way ahead

¡Ay, caramba! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any writing updates. I’m excited to be back to a regular writing routine.

I usually set some goals at the start of the year, but skipped it this past January. I had only two goals in mind:  to finish what I started last year, and find a writing mentor (or few).

I came out of last year uncertain about my writing, and unsure what to do with the conflicting feedback I had received, so I really wanted an experienced hand to tell me the truth – a mentor. I ended up with pages and pages of useful feedback from Viable Paradise. I sorely needed that. The experience wasn’t as harrowing as it could have been, because no feedback could be worse than what I was already thinking (I was sure at the time I’d been accepted out of pity). Writers are an insecure bunch sometimes, and I am no exception.

The toughest part of being home again has been figuring out what I want to work on next, but  I think I finally have a plan for the rest of 2012:

  • Edit and submit the short story I wrote at VP.
  • Finish a first draft of “The Golden Thread” ~ est. 3 weeks to completion.
  • Do a final edit of “The Book of Day” ~ 30 chapters… can I do it in 30 days?
  • Figure out how to write a proper query letter, synopsis, and all that jazz.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012? Anyone doing NaNoWriMo? I will not be participating but I’ll cheer you on 🙂

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  1. I’m sure you hadn’t been accepted just out of pity, and I’m glad they convinced you otherwise. You’ve got a passion, lady!

    God, I haven’t gotten nearly enough done this month. I’m hoping life calms down enough that I can get a beta-readable draft of my next novel done in November/December.

  2. Ha! I was also in the ‘out of pity’ camp for a while. Glad to get over that. I’ve not written anything since getting back home, but that’s okay because I’ve been scribbling ideas down fast and furious. Got lots of those.

    1. I think more than one of us thought that!

      You know, when the instructors mentioned we might not write for a while I thought it was because we’d be too overwhelmed to think clearly. I didn’t think it would be because we had too many ideas, or in my case, too many options and not sure what to work on next!

  3. Those sound like good goals. 🙂 I also hear you on the pity vote. Isn’t it wonderful knowing that 6 pros BELIEVE in you? It’s not just the luck of the draw. They see something in your writing, our writing, that made them want to spend a week of nearly 24/7 with each other…

    Good luck with your goals! Chug on ahead and don’t look back.

      1. Hmm. I’m completely and totally unfamiliar with Codex. I’ll have to keep them in my back pocket, though, for whenever I break through that “fiction sale” barrier, and see if that’s something I think can help me. Thanks for the response.

  4. That sounds like a very good plan (by coincidence I just posted about planning, and after you read that you may decide that I’m not the best judge 🙂 ).

    Thirty chapters in thirty days is ambitious, but I’m assuming that “final edit” means it’s just minor stuff at this point, rather than major restructuring. Good luck!

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