A Dancer’s Life

Photography by Leah Villalobos

Dance season has finally wrapped up, and I’m still trying to process it all. There were highs, lows, and plenty of frustration while we rehearsed, but the show turned out gorgeous, all the hard work paid off, and when the curtain closed, there was a huge scream of relief from everyone behind it.

Now I want to just curl up and sleep for a while. I’m looking forward to having weeknights and weekends again. I emptied out the dishwasher last night and thought, wow I can’t believe I have time to do this. A lot of stuff has gone neglected for a while, but I need a bit of a break to recharge, and then its back to writing.

P.S. Yes I’m in that photo, but I’m not the princess in gold.

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    1. T. S. Bazelli Author

      Thanks Tiyana! Something different I think 🙂 Live music too. Our musicians amaze me. They have instruments I don’t know the name for and have never seen before.

  1. Pretty sure I recognize many of the costumes/dances there. Looks amazing.

    I never participated in any of the folk dances, although I was more of a backstage/technical guy. They tried to get me to do the Father/Son coconut dance. I refused!

    1. The tech guys do a lot too 🙂 Couldn’t run a show without them. Oh I haven’t seen that in years! I wonder why. I think you need to be incredibly athletic to dance that (maglalatik?).

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