A Few Questions For A Versatile Blogger

That rascal John Wiswell is making up his own rules again. I’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger, and this time there are questions involved. The questions are actually pretty good, so I’ll see what answers I can come up with.

1. What’s the last sentence (from any of your work) that made you feel pride in writing?
“I dreamed of mud sliding slick against my belly, and breathing the dark water in and out of flooded lungs.” There was something to this line, potential perhaps, but I ended up discarding the entire story. Still a shame.

2. What’s the last work of fiction that left you envying the creator? In what way did you envy he/she/it/them?
Mechanique by Genevieve Valentine. She created a sense of loss, sadness and magic, that underpinned the whole story so subtly. The post-apocalyptic backdrop, made it even more haunting. I cried when I read it, because this was the sort of circus story I had attempted to write but failed at. (My own novel turned out very differently when I was done with it.)

3. In your entire life, what have you most catastrophically failed at cooking or baking?
Oh plenty of things. I am known for burning things so often that we’ve disabled the fire alarm in the kitchen. There was the dumpling fiasco… they looked nicely done on the outside, but when I took them out of the water, the insides were hardened flour and inedible. I also tried making popcorn on the stove, and let me tell you… NEVER burn popcorn. The smoke was terrible, and it completely saturated my apartment for more than a week.

4. What field of science most frequently inspires you?
Cognitive science, which according to Wikipedia is: “The interdisciplinary scientific study of the mind and its processes. It examines what cognition is, what it does and how it works. It includes research on intelligence and behavior, especially focusing on how information is represented, processed, and transformed (in faculties such as perception, language, memory, reasoning, and emotion) within nervous systems (human or other animal) and machines (e.g. computers).” If I were to go back to school for my masters degree this is what I would choose to pursue. What would I use it for? I have no idea. I just find it interesting. Oh and the natural sciences. I can watch nature documentaries for hours…

5. What task most recently frightened, grossed you out or otherwise intimidated you, such that you got someone else to do it?
When the new hire arrived, we found out that her desk drawers were full of maggots, and the maggots, now enraged, started climbing onto my desk which was beside it. AHHH!!!!! I still get grossed out thinking about it. We called the facilities guys to clean it up. Spiders are ok with me… just small squirmy things make me shudder.

6. Who is your favorite dead author? Or, if there is no single such person, name six of your beloved dead authors (in no necessary order).
This is a tough one, as most of my favorites are still alive! In random order (that looks a lot like assigned reading in English Lit): Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats

Play along if you like 😉


  1. Now madame, that is clearly six dead authors, unless you believe Shakespeare was multiple people. Are you subtly exercising a conspiracy theory?

    I’m most interested in #2 – did you actually cry out of some form of envy, or just from the beauty of the work?

  2. Heh, we’ve disabled all our smoke detectors. Partly b/c our kitchen area isn’t well-ventilated so even non-dangerous cooking would set them off (steam) and partly b/c the batteries ALWAYS. DIED. IN THE MIDDLE. OF THE NIGHT!

    I had a dumpling fiasco once too. Tried to steam them in a rice cooker for a book club meeting I was hosting. They looked perfect — juicy and delicious — on the outside, but they were RAW inside, which I found out when my friend took a bite and then nearly spit it out on me. -_-

    1. T. S. Bazelli Author

      Yeah ours is so sensitive it used to go off when I’d take showers!

      Dumplings are tricky to get right… oh that’s so embarrassing 🙁 I hope you were able to save them!

    1. I haven’t written a flash piece in a while eh? I ended up using the same sentiment in a short story, though not that line exactly. Maybe when that’s done I’ll whip something up for #fridayflash again 😉

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