Show and Tell

I have a confession to make: I find it harder to write short stories than novels. I don’t know why. I’m struggling with one right now. I’ve got a bunch of ideas but they’re not gelling together. It’s not the word count that’s a problem, its figuring out how much of a story can fit in X amount of words that is.

In the meantime I’ll spare you some of my ranting and share a secret with you… I’m one of those people that can never sit still, and when I’m stressed out, or need a break, I make things. I sew, I take things apart and put them together again, I bake and burn things, and take photos of whatever. I generally make messes.

And here’s a bunch of random things:

DIY thumb guard! It’s a hand saver. I was getting painful clauses from using my sewing shears.
Tropical fruit salad with mint syrup.
The city floating in the fog.

I don’t use Tumblr or Pinterest, though they look very tempting. Where do you hang out online? Just blog and twitter? Do you have anything to bring to show and tell? 😉


  1. Ohhh, it’s this kind of Show and Tell! I only hang out on Twitter and the Bathroom Monologues. For a while I considered creating another hang-out, a deviation on the current parody of inspiration posters. Bound for Tumblr, I guess. But my novel ate that productivity.

  2. Errr… well…

    I do maintain another blog… or two… (One which I’ve temporarily abandoned, but which is linked from my main blog; another which I very rarely update and don’t publicize because it’s very political. I’m contemplating a third which will be even more anonymous and abstracted away from my public online identity because it would not only be political, but would concern religion, which makes it an extra-delicate subject. It’s likely that if I did start it that I’d abandon the semi-regular political blog in favor of the religio-political blog.)

    But enough about me. You’ve been tip-toeing around this short story thing, hinting at it but never telling the whole story. We want deets! Spill the beans!


    1. T. S. Bazelli Author

      Sometimes its good to keep identities separate. I didn’t want any association with my other blog as long as I had my shop open, which I operated under my legal name and other details. I still like keeping it separate just because the subject matter is not the same 😉

      The story? I’ve been invited to submit a story to an anthology edited by Jennifer Brozek and I’ve got a deadline of mid may. There are no deets to spill because I haven’t figured out what to write about! *tears* I’ve got a bunch of ideas, but none of them seem to be complete, and I’m frustrated. *end tears* I know I might still get rejected, even if its by invite only. LOL that’s all!

  3. I didn’t know you had another blog! Too bad I don’t have the patience to learn sewing, heh. I bet it’d be a lot of fun.

    Besides the blog and Twitter, I hang out on Facebook, Goodreads and, erm, Xbox Live… I used to put up some of my school work on Photoshop (and before that some role-playing stuff, lol), but now I mostly just use it to store ideas and things for Element 7, heh. A miniature database of sorts, in a way.

    1. There’s not enough time to do it all, I think. Twitter and blogging are enough for me, and even some days I can’t keep up with just those. Thanks for sharing your story link!

  4. I have a harder time with short stories than novels too. It’s hard (for me) to think of compelling action and resolution within a smaller frame. But I enjoy the challenge. I keep trying (and failing) to write them. 😛

    I do have multiple blogs, but the other two are group/joint blogs. One is sort of a slow-paced conversation about music, fashion, design, and random thoughts between me and my best friend Angie – jbu.phuzzymath.net. The other is one is specifically about YA literature and is done with my 3 crit partners – weheartya.com.

      1. Good point. I keep thinking I’ll try to post three times a week. But, then time runs out. However, where I really have to watch myself is on the blogs I’m reading/interacting or I can quickly add too many blogs and spin my wheels all over the internets.

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