In Another Life…

Do you ever wonder what other paths your life might have taken?

Sometimes I think back about the choices I made career wise, and daydream the what if’s.

In one life I’m a costume designer for the opera or stage, working on grand ball gowns, with dress forms, and luxurious bolts of fabric. I’d know how to cut a suit, and understand proper tailoring. I’d use my creativity to dream up whatever the demands of the stage required, landing anywhere between minimalist and surreal.

If I’d been born to inherit wealth, I would have spent my days volunteering instead. I would still want to work, but do my part to affect the world directly.

In another life I’d have studied anthropology or sociology. I might still be at the university, or have moved to another country, or simply traveling the world learning about different cultures. In this life I might have wound up a professor, quite happy to be consumed by research on human interaction, and teaching.

Or I might have been born into the circus, and grown up with a peculiar skill set possessed only by those trained from childhood. I could bend and flex as if I didn’t have bones, and do one handed pushups. I’d audition for the Cirque du Soleil and hit the road with that huge extended circus family.

I might have also been happy starting a handcrafted business. I can sew like nobody’s business, and have been making things for years. I was on this path once, and shut down a fairly successful shop, but sometimes I still wonder what would happen if I went way again.

Funny though, in all these lives I never considered not writing. Even in my daydreams, I’d still write if I could. That is the one constant.

In another life, what might you have been?

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  1. I think people who daydream about what ifs tend to be writers (or storytellers of some sort). That’s the path that allows us to explore all the others. πŸ™‚

  2. I do daydream and play my “What-ifs” all the time… Although it’s pretty rare that I wonder how my life would be different if the circumstances of my birth were different (i.e. born rich, etc.) If the circumstances of my birth were different, I wouldn’t really be me.

    But I wonder how things would be different if I’d made different choices: if I’d focused more on writing when I was single, or if I’d majored in something like Anthropology or Linguistics in college. There are things I’d change, if I could. But at the same time, I wouldn’t, because if I changed my choices, there’s no telling how the outcomes would change.. Because as much as I long to have figured out a way to make writing work for me, there are outcomes I wouldn’t trade even for a writing career. Dear wife. My son B.T. If I’d focused on writing, would I have met my wife, would we have married, would B.T. be in our lives? I don’t know…

    1. There are some things I wouldn’t want to trade, and yes sometimes I wonder if I’d still be me if things had been different. I like me! Still is eye opening sometimes to realize that things could have been different, had one choice been made.

  3. Most frequently I think how, in almost any prior time period, my health would have killed me. I’m pretty settled into this existence.

    If I was born with wealth, though, I like to imagine I would have perfected Incredible Hulk science by now.

  4. I wonder what life would have been like had I remained a high school English teacher. Would I be happier?

    Also, I sometimes think I would have made an excellent surgeon.

  5. Oh, Cirque du Soleil would be wild fun!

    I’m pretty sure that if things had been different I would have gone into music composition. (What else do you do with perfect pitch besides play music?) Compose scores to movies or video games or something. My musical side feels soooooo neglected now, and it makes me sad. πŸ™ Can’t do everything, though…

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