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Creature Compendium: Ningen

Unlike the other creatures we’ve seen so far, this one is a recent addition to the world of cryptids (within the last ten years), so recent that there’s video footage on YouTube. This one might fall closer to ‘urban legend’ than folktale.


Aloysius' Ark by Elda Grimm

Ningen “human” – This ocean cryptid is named for its human like features. It was first supposedly spotted by a Japanese research vessel in Antarctic waters, is described as 20 – 30 meters in length, having with human like eyes and a mouth, pale white, and with five fingers on each hand. Sometimes it is described as having multiple limbs, but in other stories that it has a whale / mermaid like tail.

Further Reading:

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Region of Origin: Antarctic, Japan

This one surprised me with its recency. I don’t suppose we’ll know of everything that lurks beneath the oceans any time soon, and as long as there are unexplored places I think we’ll always have monsters. Do you think we’ll always have monster stories?


  1. Yes, I think we’ll always have monster stories… because monster stories aren’t about actual monsters or things that go bump in the night… they’re about us, about our fears and insecurities and our dreams.

    Some of those images of the Ningen in one of those links makes it look an awfully lot like some obscure variety of Pokemon. Why am I not surprised, then, that this came out of Japan?

    1. Hmm though, some of the scariest things are scary because they’re so like us but not quite. For me aliens fit into that frightening category. People see themselves in everything.

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