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Chicken Soup and Warm Blankets

I’m terrible at maintaining balance. I seem to get sick every time I go on vacation, and I suspect that I’m so busy that I neglect to pay enough attention to my body. When I finally get a chance to rest, what little has been holding it together finally unravels. I need to take better care of myself. I’d like to be writing the rest of my life, and that means, trying to be healthy enough to keep going.

chicken soup
Orzo Chicken Soup by The Culinary geek

Writing comes with its occupational hazards as well. Ideas can interrupt your sleep (I can’t remember the last time I slept soundly), it’s sedentary, there’s a risk of repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, bad backs, failing eyesight…

But there are also measures of prevention we can take:

1) Get a standing desk, or a bosu ball instead of a chair, to engage the core and encourage better posture.
2) Make sure your computer setup is ergonomic.
3) Adjust the screen contrast on your monitor to a comfortable level
4) Stretch and take regular breaks from writing, to rest your eyes, and loosen your body
5) Try meditation (I’m so terrible at it. I can’t go longer than 2 minutes, but it does help me feel rested)
6) Take time to wind down before bed.
7) Listen to your body. Know how much you can handle stress wise, physically and mentally.
8) Some days you just need a break. You shouldn’t feel guilty about relaxing (Working on this one..)
9) Eat well, get out and exercise.
10) Learn to say no. You can’t do everything, and stay sane. Prioritize.

And there are some days when writing feels like slogging through mud. Sometimes that means that the well of creativity needs to be refilled: read a book, draw, sing, dance, write a program, paint, sew, create a webpage, watch a movie, take a nap… you can’t create if there’s nothing to draw from.

Take care of yourselves folks!

Did that even make sense? Still foggy in the head from the flu, and yes, busy, but otherwise in a good mood.

10 Comments to “Chicken Soup and Warm Blankets”

  1. Hemingway wrote standing up, at least in his later years. At six in the morning, and almost certainly hungover — but I don’t advise emulating that part.

    Me, I find the best thing is walking. I try to walk a mile or two every day. It actually takes care of a few of the things you suggest, which are all important.

    1. LOL I don’t think I could manage much creativity with a hangover. I do think, if I ever get the space, I’ll setup a standing workstation. I sit all day at the job, so its nice to not sit when I get home.

      Walking is great! I try to as much as I can when the weather’s better 😉

  2. I was feeling this last night. It’s been a very rough several weeks, between a lot of work at the dayjob, tons of work for our home project, and then trying to fit writing in. Last night I was exhausted by 8:30. I didn’t want to do anything. I wrote anyway, because I’m not going to have many other opportunities over the rest of this week and next (between the dayjob, the home project, and other stuff)… but what I really needed was to go to bed early…

  3. Winding down before bed is particularly good advice. Tension from life can ruin your sleep. The standing desk is beyond me, but with my physical problems it’d become a wheelchair desk a few weeks later.

  4. “9) Eat well, get out and exercise.”

    Oh boy… I should definitely do more of this, lol. I may have a high metabolism now, though I’m sure I’ll pay for my slackness later! Luckily the new job has been keeping me on my toes, heh.

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