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Love Letter to a WIP

Dear Novel #2,

I realize that our relationship has been more off than on. It was an in between place when we begun this affair. I was waiting for #1 to come back to me, but you swept me off my feet. We had a good run of it, a few months of intensity then coolness. #1 keeps coming back to haunt me. As much as I wish I could call that relationship done, and finished, it’s not.

I’m ashamed to admit there are times when I’ve considered giving you up. Sometimes being with you is harder than being without. You haven’t been that easy to work with. Maybe that’s because I keep thinking  back to #1, and those good times, flailing about and messing up, but going cheerfully on my way in total oblivion. I’m sorry that I keep comparing the both of you.

The first time I saw you in the distance, I knew I wanted to get to know you. You were dangerous, something different, and came well dressed, a complete package from start to finish. But I’ve realized, that though you were honest, it’s impossible to know someone completely. The experience of being together changes things, and you’ve changed by small degrees. Sometimes I’m afraid that I’m just repeating the same mistakes I made the first time around with #1.

Still, I think I’ve been with you long enough that you mean something to me. Every relationship has its dark days. I don’t know if we’ll work out in the long term, but I do know that I’m willing to try. I’m going to stick with you, and maybe later, when we’ve had a little objective distance, we’ll both know if our relationship is worth pursuing.

But since today’s Valentine’s Day, I just wanted to say, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. I’m sticking with you until the end of this draft, no matter how long it takes. We’ll get through this, and I believe that whatever happens, it will all be worth it.



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  1. This was such a cute way of putting the struggle. Often one-sided, often put off, often abusive, far too critical for either of your own good – but a councilor would only muddy it up.

    1. I suppose it’s the nature of it. The act of writing is one of trust and intimacy, a pouring out of words from the soul, or at least ideas that other people might laugh at if they saw them in the light of day. It’s risky, and personal 😉

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