And in a flash it’s over #NaNoReMo Recap

Woman Reading (circa 1900) via the National Media Museum

Oh how I wish I lived a life of leisure where uninterrupted reading time was a regular thing. In that perfect world, I’d curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, a book, and some hot chocolate. I didn’t think I’d do very well at this month of reading (#NaNoReMo), with beta reading, and writing in full swing, but January flashed by and I’m happy to report my results.

Although I didn’t read any classics, and was gently chided by Mr. Wiswell for the transgression, I finished 4 novels, and started on a 5th. The biggest takeaway from this exercise for me: though I can’t find large chunks of time to read, I can still snatch a few minutes here and there. Short stories happen to be a good length for a lunch time read, and I’ve got several collections to work through. I’d prefer more time, but that’s not going to happen.

I can’t sustain January’s pace, but I will keep up with the daily reading, even if all I can manage is a few pages.

What are your reading habits? When do you find time to read?

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  1. January was a pretty good month for me, too, on my own terms.

    I’ve been reading, consistently for about 10 minutes a day, every day. With that, I’ve nearly managed to read The Hunger Games (I’m about 85-90% through the book). One novel in a month ain’t bad for me considering the relative dearth of books in my diet over the past three or four years. At that rate… I may never get through my to-read pile, but I can be happy with what I’m reading.

    I’ve had a… let’s call it a “reason” to force myself to sit still for ten minutes at a time every day, which I’ve used to read. I’m hoping that when my “reason” goes away, I’ll still be able to take those 10 minutes every day to read.

  2. My Kindle is great for snatching some reading time while I’m out and about, but my fave is to read during lunch and right before bed. And now that I’m not pounding against a writing deadline, I will sit on the couch and read in the evenings too, while Andy’s watching sports or something. It’s definitely my leisure activity.

  3. My reading time is like my writing time — whenever and wherever I can, usually on the Kindle. Sometimes I flip back and forth between the two activities.

    BTW, I would only worry about reading “classics” if they are actually good. πŸ™‚

    I peeked in at Wiswell’s blog and it looks interesting, though it’s now locked up two different computers in a row. I really have trouble with Blogspot blogs. I’ll persist, though, since he’s talking about Thomas Pynchon _and_ Gail Simone. πŸ™‚

  4. Four novels is great!

    I tend to read just before I fall asleep and/or right when I wake up. Sometimes even on break at work, heh. But it’s challenging, reading while working on a novel…

    Funnily enough, I’m also still picking through The Hunger Games. At 77% now. (I think I’m way more excited for the movie, for some reason. I keep going back to watch the trailer and listen to the music when I should be doing other stuff, lol.) Besides that, I read Vol. I of the graphic novel Ignition City by Warren Ellis, which I have mixed feelings about. Other than that, I only finished one other novel, heh. Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops: Control Point just arrived on my doorstep today, and I’ve got Carriger’s Souless eyeballing me, too. Sooooo tempting to ignore The Hunger Games for those two right now!

  5. Reading in short bursts is worth doing if you can make it work. For me, composition, editing and consumption interfere with each other. I tried to make the most of my down time in January, because I know for certain that February is going to be brutal.

  6. I’m terrible, I don’t really nearly enough. I have recently made the transition to the Kindle though and I find that’s helping me read a lot by doing it in small bits, you don’t need to muck about with finding your page and can carry it with you everywhere. I’ve even been using it at the gym, although that has gotten me a couple of funny looks!

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