The Genie Minted Writer’s Toolkit (TM)

Top hat owned by Floyd B. Olson via The Minnesota Historical Society

Introducing the Genie Minted Writer’s Toolkit (TM)

Are you a writer? Does staring at a blank page cause you anxiety? Do you ever struggle to craft that perfect hook? Do you ever wonder if your story’s any good? Worry no more, the Genie Minted Writer’s Toolkit (TM) is right for you.

The toolkit will help you craft a story with ease. Never suffer from writer’s block again!

The kit includes*:

  • The Magic 8 Ball of Story Starters. Give it a good shake, and it will give you a fresh first line every time!
  • Story Builder Lego. Rearrange the bricks for a proper story arc every time. Three act structure? The hero’s journey? The possibilities are endless.
  • The Unbreakable Plot Tangle Comb. A brisk application of the comb will straighten out those plot messes in the middle of your book, resulting in a logical and consistent story without the need to rewrite. Guaranteed not to break, no matter how difficult the tangle.
  • The Thermometer of Doneness. Not sure when your story’s finished? Tuck the thermometer between your manuscript pages, and the bright, easy to read, LED display will tell you the story needs to bake a little longer or if it’s been overdone.
  • A Cheering Squad in a Wallet. Open up the wallet, and the cheering squad will wave its pompoms and shout encouragement. The wallet comes with an infinite number of inspiring messages, hand selected to make you feel better about your writing.

All of this comes packaged in an attractive black satin top hat, certified for quality by magicians in not one, but two dimensions.

Purchase the Genie Minted Writer’s Toolkit (TM) and ever experience writer’s block again! Contact us now, and you will be eligible for a limited time offer special promotional price of 6 monthly installments of  20 DK (dryad kisses)

But wait, there’s more! Tell us where you saw this ad, and we’ll throw in The Wand of Impressive Vocabulary for free! That’s right, for free!

For more information, tap your heels together three times and one of our operators be there in a blink, so fast you may think you’re  dreaming. At Genie and Lamp Inc. we pride ourselves on impeccable service.

*Magic lamp not included. Not suitable for young children. May contain nuts.


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