Changing Things Up

Happy New Year! There are plenty of 2012 goal posts around, but I didn’t make any resolutions this year. I usually don’t. I make them throughout the year as needed, and reassess as needed. But now that the holidays are over, I’m getting back into the routine, and there are a few things I’d like to do differently this year.


  1. Write a minimum of 1k a weekday (10 minute outline, 50 minutes typing), 2k on Saturdays, and take Sundays off.
  2. Keep track of when, where, how productive I’ve been, to optimize my writing time.


  1. Get back to writing short stories and flash fiction. Since lunch was banned at our desks at work, my flash fiction career ended. It was very good practice though. I’ll designate some weekend time to short fiction, and weekdays to novel length work.
  2. I’ve always had trouble finding prompts for short stories, so I spent an afternoon jotting off a list of writing prompts framed as writing exercises. I plan to add at least one technique to the list every time I finish reading a novel or short story. I have 12 prompts, but several of the items on the list can be combined in one story and I need to come up with more. That means…
  3. I need to read more. I think I’ll be visiting the library more often this year. Instead of reading the (badly edited) free newspaper, I should have a novel or short story collection handy. I particularly need to read short fiction. I’ve always been fond of novels, but if I want to write short, I need to be more familiar with the form.

Those are the big things I think. Oh yes, and to get back to eating well and exercising. You know, the usual stuff.

Are you trying some things differently?

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  1. It’s not a resolution of mine, but I, too, would like to write more short fiction. It’s not my strong suit, but I would like to be well versed in it.

    As for reading more, I use GoodReads and their yearly challenge meter for fun motivation. This year, like last, my goal is to read 50 books in 2012. Not quite one a week, but close.

    Also, a Kindle really helps! πŸ˜‰

    (No really, you can get a lot of inexpensive books, or borrow from the library without even leaving your house. Well, at least you can in the US…)

    1. T. S. Bazelli Author

      So far I don’t have an e-reader, but I would love a Kindle! I can borrow e-books from the library, but so far have just been reading on the screen. One day! I don’t think I can do 50 books, but so far I’m at 2, so maybe I can..!

  2. I’m still mulling over my plan/goals/resolutions/whatever for 2012. I hope to have a goal-oriented post up on my blog within the next seven days. Read more, write more, etc., of course. But I’m anticpating something a little more concrete, hopefully.

    1. T. S. Bazelli Author

      I think I’ll have a goals post eventually, but it takes time to come up with specifics. I hope one of your goals is to actually start writing your novel’s first draft this year πŸ˜‰ I’m giving you a hard time, LOL sorry. I know you will.

  3. My main goal this year is to be more disciplined. In everything. Writing, work, eating, exercise, etc. I’ve set attainable goals for each and will update as the year goes on. I allow things to distract me and while that’s okay some of the time, I need to stay focus and then reward myself after.

  4. This is the year where I will be focusing on my WIP and getting it ready for publication. My publisher has given me a release date of July 20. Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. They banned eating lunch at your desk? Was everyone spilling stuff on their keyboards? Maybe management could supply bibs. (KIDDING!!!)

    Wow, you sure do a lot of writing Mizz Theresa. Keep up the great work! And stop spilling stuff! πŸ˜‰

  6. “Are you trying some things differently?”

    I probably should, as I’m still working on my novel, lol. Setting attainable goals and deadlines might be a good start…

  7. Author Aerobics!

    Those were fun, T.S. You should really bring them back. Maybe on weekends when you’re not banned from eating lunch? (And like, what does that mean?! Should I pity you? Or write to my congressperson?)

  8. That pace should set you blazing through shorts, and novels after a time. It’s similar to what I used for composing my book, though it turned out to be something I couldn’t maintain any longer than that. The perpetual high-output sizzled my nerves and caused the syndrome to pick up maddeningly.

    1. I’ll see how much actual output I get (I’m thinking weekends I might not has as much time as I’d like) but one hour a day seems reasonable at the moment. I’ll adjust as I go.

      Did you figure out a better working pace for yourself? πŸ™ Your health comes first.

  9. Feel free to shoot the messenger, since I know you probably aren’t looking for solutions. But, I thought I’d comment on one of the places I find ideas is magazines, particularly images from the National Geographic, and characters from the New Yorker.

    I wish you well with your change-up and hope more of your short fiction becomes successful.

    1. I was actually thinking of the way you are able to find story inspiration from news clippings when I was trying to come up with writing prompts. πŸ™‚ I think I need to work on paying more attention and idea generation.

      Thanks Aidan! I’m still playing blog catchup, but I’ll be back to your soon.

  10. I’m very jealous/impressed by your daily word count!

    I just need to create a proper writing routine and learn how to plan things properly! This would help me with my writing and the degree I’m doing. But alas! I’m a master of procrastination…

    1. Thanks Allie! If I didn’t have a routine, I’d never get anything done. Procrastination is always a temptation and the closer I get to a deadline, the more I want to clean my apartment!

      Happy 2012 πŸ™‚

      1. For me, it works the other way. I write as a way of putting off the apartment cleaning. πŸ™‚

        My plans for 2012 aren’t really goals, they’re mostly just ideas of what I’ll work on. I wrote about them here:

        We have such short lunch breaks at my job that we almost have to eat at our desks, but don’t get me started on that. πŸ™‚

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