Dear Santa II

Milk and Cookies by Daniel Miller

Dear Santa,

Hey, it’s me again! First off I want to say thank you for last year’s present. The gift of time worked out amazingly well. I don’t know where those extra hours came from, but I managed to write more than I ever have in my life! I finally finished that novel, and am halfway through the first draft of the next. I even managed to beta read several manuscripts on the side. It’s been appreciated and well used.

This year I’ve been extra good, because I have bigger things to ask for and they won’t fit in a stocking. In fact I’m going to ask for two!

First off, I need a high wattage idea generator. My old machine’s on it’s last legs, and I think I’ve used up all the ideas in the cartridge. While I have novelish ideas a-plenty, I’d like to get back to writing short stories, and better blog posts too. This would help me out a bunch.

Secondly, I could use a bit of ‘better writer’ fairy dust. I’m working on it, but man is it hard to tell what’s actually progress. I understand that hunting fairy’s is a difficult task at best, and getting em to give up the dust is like milking a stone, but hey, you’re Santa. Maybe you could swing a few favors?

And please don’t send Krampus. (Ok maybe that’s three) I’ve only been a little naughty and sneaking  in Twitter time when I shouldn’t, but I promise I’ll be better next year. I left some extra cookies out for you. Let’s not call it bribery. You must get hungry delivering all those presents…




      1. More, yes. As compared to before, when I had none. But still not enough to do nearly as much writing as I think I ought to be able to do (heck, I should be a quarter-of-the-way-through the first draft of this novel by now), to say nothing of the reading and playing-of-video-games I’d add to the mix if time was sufficiently plentiful.

  1. Man, I haven’t written a Dear Santa letter in a while, but the list of things I could ask for are a mile long… 😛 Thankfully Andy got me some, and my parents are getting me some others, so all that’s left is the writing stuff. I think I have to be my own Santa in that area, though.

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