A Letter To My Muse – 2

Dear Muse,

I gave you a second chance and you blew it. This is an official letter of termination.

I’ve started training your replacement, and he has been doing a great job so far. The new guy and I edited an entire chapter in one sitting. In ONE SITTING, you hear that, slacker? HAH with you it was two pages in an hour. I bet it would take me a decade to finish this novel with you.

Am I bitter? Yes. You spouted such lovely words, but you never really meant them, did you? You started skipping work and coming in late. You started making excuses… “that’s just how I operate” and “you don’t really need me”, but you were just bored. I watched your eyes wandering to every pretty new idea. You never followed through on anything. I am not a demanding boss, but when I needed a kind word of encouragement, (what else is a muse for?) you’d not be there.

And so, one day you will walk up to this door, find this letter taped to it, and the key won’t work. I’ve rented a new office space and changed my phone number. Don’t bother trying to contact me. It’s over.

I should have fired you ages ago.



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