Linky Wednesday

I’m hunkered down with work right now so instead of my words, here are a few links to brighten up those midweek blues.

That’s it from me for now. I’m really behind on edits and I’ll likely be a little quieter on Twitter until it’s done.

How’re you all doing these days?


  1. Ha! I only knew one of those book covers on David’s site, lol. (I guess my tastes in novels is a lot different from his!)

    Oh, and I totally adore Gail Carriger’s fashion site. I love her style, and she can totally get away with the vintage look. Also, I practically SoL’d (squealed out loud) when I learned she was working on a novel entitled Etiquette and Espionage. ^_^ (I really need to buy The Parasol Protectorate series.)

    As for me, edits are tough right now. Seems like something else always wants to get in the way recently…

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