Spilling the Beans…

So, it’s been about a year and a half since I started this blog and have been working furiously away at my WIP, but I haven’t actually told you what it’s about, have I?

I’ve been hesitant to say much about the story for fear that if I did, the story would then mutate, ninja turtle like, into a different sort of beast. I’ve found that spilling the beans on my stories too soon usually ends up confusing anyone who read the finished piece.

But, I’m at the stage where things are near as done as I can get it. So If you’re interested, here’s a general idea of what it’s about…

~clears throat~

Alessandra Salazar is not a murderer, not yet. As a child, her grandmother gifted her with two things: an ability to foretell death, and a vision of her fate. She gets swept into a world of endless day where sorcerers are burned at the stake, machines are fueled by blood, and the man she is destined to kill rules as emperor.

Aided by a circus troupe, and a magician that conceals real magic behind an act, Ales seeks a way to thwart destiny and return to her world, but there are those invested in seeing her destiny played out, and a sinister old force at play, that cares not for the fate of humans or empires.

Genre: Steampunk
Word count: 102k
Tentative title: The Book of Day

And no, that’s not my query, but it’s the beginnings of one, I think. I was interested in playing with the reverse of the ‘chosen one’ trope. What would someone do if they found out they were destined not to save the world but break it?

Um yes. So yeah… beans all over the floor. I hope these don’t sprout into giant beanstalks. LOL

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    1. Oh yes! Another victi… I mean, volunteer! er… LOL sure! Send me your email address and I’ll get in touch with you when I’m done (in a couple weeks). I think I’m following you on twitter so you can DM me 🙂

  1. Dude. I am scooping up these beans and eating them! Love love love love love. Fave bit is machines fueled by blood — I swear I’m not a sicko, I just think it’s fascinating (since it’s fiction).

  2. I’m glad you’re exposing more of your work here, TS. I didn’t comprehend what you meant about inverting the “chosen one” trope until here. Though even in the description I just figured the empire was evil, given its culture is burning witches and whatnot. The legendary destroyer is a fun archetype. Have you seen The Omen films, about the anti-christ’s rise from birth through childhood?

    1. Ahh yes I’ve watched the first one, though not the others. I’m a wimp when it comes to horror 🙂 Though, as a caveat, I wouldn’t say the empire is evil, just dysfunctional. The alternatives to the empire are actually worse.

      1. Well, once I grasped the premise I went against myself and presumed they weren’t evil. Not much of a struggle to accept your fate of saving the world from the bad guys.

        I asked because, particularly in the second half of the second Omen film, we get the Anti-Christ not necessarily wanting to be evil and questioning his destiny. Always found that the most interesting part of those movies. Might interest you, though I suspect your book won’t be very similar.

    1. Everywhere and nowhere? It’s undergone a slow evolution from the beginning. I started with the question: what would it take to make an ordinary person capable of murder, and it led from there. Thanks Tiyana 🙂

  3. Sounds very interesting. Nothing says “alternate world” more quickly than getting rid of electricity, but blood is a terrific idea. Nabokov, in Ada, created a world where electricity was illegal (I forget why), so telephones, for example, depended on tubes of water to convey the sound. It was a constant reminder than we were not seeing Earth, even where other elements were familiar.

    Oh, and I am entirely in favor of subverting the “Chosen One” thing, which I am sick of. This sounds like a wonderful way of turning that around.

    I wrote about the “chosen one” on my blog a few years back (it’s been bugging me for a while):

    1. T. S. Bazelli Author

      Oh I like the idea of water tubes. It’s funny how simple a shift like eliminating a power source can alter how an entire world runs. And I will check out that post!

  4. Brad

    Wow, great synopsis. It sounds interesting, this bright, alternative world where fate and choice collide. Nothing to worry about with spilling these beans. Take your time choosing an agent, I think you’ve got a winner.

  5. Wow, this is a really unique idea! And I think that what you wrote here would make a great query – it captures my interest and makes me want to read more. Which is good, because I’ve never read steampunk before. Good luck to you!

  6. Fascinating!

    I’ve totally kept my story under wraps. Doesn’t feel time yet. There’s so much more work to be done and I just feel it would be screwed up if I left you all with the suspense and not knowing more about it until several years pass.

    Good luck as you keep trucking on!

  7. Sounds fabulous! I love hearing about what other writers are working on — we’re all kind of floundering about in our own little worlds for too long sometimes, I think. Best of luck moving forward!

  8. That sounds AMAZING. I’m already eager to find out more. Definitely sounds original and has already been said, you’ve got a cracking description – gives a quick feel for the setting, hints at exciting things but without being vague or airy. My offer to beta read stands firm.

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