Past, Present, Future – 2011 Here I Come!

I’m back!

First of all, let me not forget the past. Celebrating accomplishments helps bar the way from that slippery slide of doubt. It keeps me motivated. It’s some measure of progress, or a tracking of growth.

2010 was the year I…

  • Started this blog.
  • Started submitting short stories (21 submissions).
  • Wrote 20 flash fiction pieces ~ 22k words.
  • Wrote 1 new short story ~ 4500 words.
  • Edited 3 old short stories.
  • Cut down a 20k novella to a tighter 15k.
  • Finished a 120k first draft of a novel.
  • Finished a 110k rewrite of the novel.
  • Started tweeting.
  • Attended a writers conference.
  • Pitched a novel in person.

There were moments of unexpected joy. I’ve met some wonderful people via blogging. I got myself a writing buddy, and found some fine fine beta readers. I started getting back personalized rejections on those short stories. I received 2 requests for sample chapters of the novel.

I’m looking back at my goals for 2010, and you know what? I can cross most of the stuff I wanted to do off that list.

So here’s my plan for 2011…

  • Finish novel revisions and send the book out to beta readers.
  • Learn about queries, synopses, and start querying.
  • Start outlining the sequel to the book.
  • Write the first draft of an unrelated urban fantasy novel.
  • Resume author aerobics exercises, and writing Friday Flash.
  • Tweak the website layout, and take a proper author photo LOL.
  • Write a couple short stories in between projects.

And you know, dreams are important…  I did dare to dream in 2010, and you know what? I’m surprised how many of those dreams come true. Dream it, work for it, and you never know what may happen.

I don’t need to tell you what my dreams for 2011 are, because I’m sure you can guess.

What are your goals for the year? Are you looking forward to it? I am.