Germany in Pictures

I didn’t have a lot of time outside of work, but I managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of sightseeing while I was in Germany. It was a whirlwind! Here are a few quick snaps…

Small town at sunset.

Small town at sunset

The streets of Hidelberg, Germany.


Hidelberg castle, and the dry moat.

Hidelberg Schloss

The biggest wine barrel in the world.

Biggest wine barrel in the world

Stone carvings, all done by hand. Each one with a different facial expression.


I wish I had one more week, but it wasn’t possible. Things haven’t slowed down since I’ve gotten back home either. There’s still so much work to do, I’m really dying for a bit of writing time. I’m not sure when I’ll finally have a real vacation…

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  1. Sharmon Gazaway

    Awesome pics, Tessa! Each one makes me want to write something set in these fabulous gothic ruins. Hope you get your badly needed writing time soon.

  2. Awesome. I hope you get a chance to visit for pleasure. (As I hope the same for myself – I’m dying for a vacation in Germany.) I lived in West Germany when I was younger – obviously that was before reunification. I have fond memories… but I’d like the opportunity to update those memories.

    1. T.S. Bazelli Author

      Are you fluent in German then? My co-workers joked that next time all our meetings wouldn’t be in English. 🙂 Yes I’d definitely like to go back and have the time to see more of the country. In all I was quite impressed by the mix of modern and old.

      1. Oh no, not even the slightest bit fluent. I only know a small handful of words and phrases. I was an American military brat, so even though I was in another country, my life still revolved around an English-speaking world. German-language teaching came as a sort of “local history and culture” thing we did every once in a while in elementary school – kind of like how later in school (and back in the U.S.) we did “state history”.

    1. T.S. Bazelli Author

      It was quite hodge podge. All of it is built in this wonderful pink stone, but different parts were erected in different time periods and built in different styles. Some of it wasn’t finished either. Looking back at my photos it looks like I took photos of 5 different castles instead of one. LOL

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