Journal: Recalibration

Watchmaker by Dasha Gaian
Watchmaker by Dasha Gaian

Breathe, I’ve had to remind myself. Summer is coming to an end and my batteries are running low. It has been a very busy first half of the year, and I can feel the urge to hibernate, to recharge. Vacation has been pushed off, and pushed off. Plans have been blown off.

Even my sleep has been unsettled lately. My dreams have not been frightening, but pleasant for the most part, full of adventure, and old faces I haven’t thought about for years. It’s funny the way the mind works. It’s been keeping awake, not letting me sleep deeply.

I need to recalibrate, reassess. To figure out what I need to do, and weed out what is not important. That’s the rub though isn’t it? Figuring out what’s a need, and what’s a want is not always a simple thing.

What I do know: I need to get some decent sleep, or I’ll never be able to function coherently. I need to pick up a new book to read, or I’ll lose that creative energy. I need to get away from the computer or I’ll slowly atrophy. I need to shut off the news for a while, or all the awfulness and anger in the world will destroy my faith in humanity.

I need to start writing again, but first, before everything, I need rest.

How do you recharge your batteries? How do you recalibrate when you’ve gone off the right track ever so slightly?

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  1. Well, you already answered how I recharge: sleep. There is NO substitute. I’ve never been good at not sleeping, or running on little sleep. My body just isn’t wired for it.

    So go rest, dear. Everything will get better afterward. 🙂

    1. Yes, I think I’m like you. Even in university I’d do everything possible to avoid all-nighters. I just can’t function well without sleep.

      I think it will be better… oh I wish I could take a nap right now. hehe.

  2. Ollin Morales

    Looks like we’re in the same boat T.S.! I am FRIED!

    I’m taking a two-week break from writing in my blog and trying to energize by resting, watching Ugly Betty, meditating, running, more sleeping, and seriously thinking about all those tough decisions that you mentioned.

    Grr! Why isn’t it easy to be an adult, T.S., tell me why!

    Good luck on your re-calibration my friend! 🙂

    1. Hehe it’s all an illusion Ollin. When we were kids, I remember thinking that becoming an adult was the solution to everything! The reality is, I think the only difference is that as an adult, you’re primarily accountable for your actions. There are no parents to give you a time out, or tell you what to do (well ok they might still try LOL). There’s no one else to blame. Responsibility is not easy!!!

      Enjoy your vacation! Hope you recharge! I’ll be doing likewise 😀

  3. I feel for you T.S. In fact I can definitely relate too; I’ve had a LOT on my mind lately though the sleep is thankfully okay. But wait, what about weird “story-like” dreams? What about dreams where I am working at a pub-house at my favourite job? Ahh…that’s a wide-awake dream as well.

    To recharge, I believe a hot water shower does wonders! Or swimming too. Perhaps a stroll will do too, but then I am lazy that way to walk in post-autumn winds of Melbourne. But I guess a cosy corner with a book and some hot-choc always works 😉


    1. Oh yes hot showers! Those are wonderful… the shower is probably one of my favorite places to come up with story ideas.. its just so soothing.. The weather here’s just starting to shift to autumn weather. It’s not quite hot-choc weather but soon.

  4. It’s that time of year. A change of seasons. Everybody is feeling it.
    Try to relax. Get that much-needed sleep. And don’t even worry about stuff you should be doing – just chill. Watch some tv. Go outside and read a trashy novel. Eat something fabulous. Once September begins you’ll feel better. They don’t call this the dog days of summer for nothing!

  5. Lua

    I’m familiar with this feeling, this need to stop, breath and just recharge my batteries… When I feel like that, I just go into my room, turn off my phone, cut my internet connection, close the books I’m reading and just close my eyes. I think our minds and souls needs to do “nothing” for a while before they start functioning again. Just rest and do nothing, I promise it’ll be good for you 🙂

  6. sharmon

    Hi Tessa! Just came across your blog and it caught my interest because I love spec fic. I’ve only written 3 shorts and have submitted two to Christian spec fic magazines but have never had them published. Still, it’s a fascinating genre. Have you submitted/been published by Dreams and Visions? It’s in your neck of the woods (I think it’s still in print). I love writing Christian spec fic because it has the added challenge of having to line up with Biblical truths. And if I could figure out how to write a Christian vampire story, you’d better believe I would!
    As for recharging, yeah, I need lots of sleep, which is a pain because I’m a night owl. But you don’t want to know me if I don’t get my 8. Also, though this may sound like writer sacrilege, but when I get really bogged down w/ all the words–reading and writing, which is RARE–I like to watch movies. Good ones and bad ones. The good ones move me to envy and stir me to write again. The bad ones make me think I could do it so much better!

    1. T.S. Bazelli Author

      I haven’t had anything published yet, but hopefully that will change one day 🙂 I’ve never heard of Dreams and Visions until now. I’ll have to check that out.

      Oh movies are great! I know what you mean. A great movie can get the mind going with ideas like crazy. On the other hand, I just watched a terrible movie last weekend and thought to myself, if that was a book it would never get published. o.O

      1. It was just a short story (possibly novella, I don’t know where that issue of F&SF is at the moment). It was one of the stories that stood out in that issue. Not only is the way it treats the religion & vampires interesting, but it also uses the story-frame to flashback to a prior point in the pope’s life where most of the story occurs.

  7. I’m intrigued by the idea of the One Day Sabbatical (although am yet to actually try it out). Take a day off, get up early and go somewhere you’ve either never been before or long enough ago to be unfamiliar. Turn off your mobile, use public transport rather than driving if possible and then just wander. Look in shops, visit a museum or some landmark, have a nice lunch. Don’t think about work, don’t think about your novel, just be.

    1. T.S. Bazelli Author

      I’ve actually done that before, and it’s wonderful! It’s like a mini-vacation close to home. It’s surprising what you can discover. The hard part is trying not to think about work or writing. The worry has a way of creeping back in and spoiling things if you let it.

  8. sharmon

    Thanks for the tip, Aidan. Not to be tacky n’ all but do I have to subscribe (part w/ money) to be able to access “Blue Fire”? The concept is interesting, though I’m not Catholic. A lot of extremely variant beliefs fall under the category “Christian” and they lump us all together in terms of fiction. I enjoyed Hart’s write-up on it. And I stopped by your (impressive) blog; unfortunately out of time to peruse some of your work. I’ll try that another time. Thanks again. Happy writing.

    1. I didn’t see any mention of it on Bruce McAllister’s sight. It’s probably too soon after the initial publication, but I’m anticipating the eBook world where even short-stories have a life beyond their initial publication. I primarily mentioned it regarding your interest in mixing in vampires and I think this is an example that it can be done in a respectful way.

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