(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Oregon Coast

Just got back from a camping trip over the weekend and I’m still in recovery mode. I enjoy camping, but I had the most luxurious sleep back on a regular mattress. I won’t miss the rocky ground; just the starry sky, trees, and waterfalls. It also feels so good to be clean and not smelling of campfire plus mosquito repellent. Thank God for whomever invented hot showers.

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  1. You know, I’ve never been legit camping. Only slept in a tent on someone’s yard, hahaha.

    Anyway, glad you had a good time, and glad you’re recouping!

  2. Lua

    I’ve been to a camping trip once and although I consider myself somewhat of a nature freak, I said the exact same thing when I returned; “Thank God for whomever invented hot showers.” 🙂
    That is such a beautiful photo…

  3. Yes, hot showers were definitely a good invention, not only for individuals, but for societies. smirk.

    Only been legitimate camping once. It certainly is enjoyable. Hope you had an awesome time! Welcome back to the land of INTERNET ACCESSABILITY!!!!!! 😀

    1. Oh I know I was feeling a bit anxious away from my computer!!! So many blog updates in the span of time I was away hehe. I wouldn’t want you to think I was ignoring you all.

      1. Once I was away from internet for three and a half days. I finally got back to my beloved ‘puter and found only five emails awaiting my return.

        They were all from ‘bots. *angry face*

        Epic disappointment. :-p

        It’s funny how attached we’ve become to the internet these days, something which hasn’t existed prior to now for…like…forever! (Thanks Al Gore!!!)

      2. Oh man… epic is right!

        Back in the day, before there was internet (i.e. the Dark Ages), when you got back from a vacation and found only junk mail in the mailbox, I think it was the same for those people.

      3. Of course, when I go away, that’s when all the time sensitive important emails I was waiting for show up, and of course emergencies at work. Murphy’s law.

        LOL I think I’d be relieved if it was all junk instead! I’d take more vacations!

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