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Author Aerobics: Genre-Bender Challenge

Here’s this week’s Author Aerobics challenge. Answers to the challenge will be posted on Friday. If you want to participate just post a link to your entry in the comments below and I’ll update this post with links to yours. Everyone’s welcome!

Genre-Bender Challenge

Here’s something a little different this week. Have you ever tried birthing your own mutant genre child? Gritty-rural fantasy? Zombie-noir? There are endless combination’s and permutations at your disposal.

This week’s challenge: Redraw the boxes, and break conventions. Write a story (1000 words or less) in a new or obscure genre. This week’s theme: “narcissism”

Don’t know where to start? The SF/F glossary might help, but there’s no need to  limit this to speculative fiction.

The entries this week so far!

  • Don’t Look For Too Long by J. P. Cabit – A peek at a skewed reality, where looking into mirrors could have some dire consequences.
  • The Last Gunfighter by Aidan Fritz – A genre-blender! How many genres can you identify?
  • Glass Half-Empty part 1 by T.S. Bazelli – Hardboiled / Noir / Steampunk – To be continued on Monday.

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  1. AW TESSA THAT’S SO COOOLLLL!!!!! It literally brought a grin to my face when I read this week’s challenge. I will definitely attempt to throw my hat in the ring. (I’ll be throwing in a Swiss Sombrero! lol)

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