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5 Weeks of Author Aerobics – Recap!

Wow, we’ve gone through 5 weeks of Author Aerobics already?

If you haven’t had a chance to read the stories by the participants, I’ve compiled this list. There’s some fun stuff, there’s some beautiful stuff, there’s some sad stuff, and a little craziness in here too. Here are the stories in reverse order:

Week 5 – Pacing Challenge:

Week 4 – Tense Challenge:

Week 3 – Character Voice Challenge:

Week 2 – Dialogue Punctuation Exercise:

Week 1 – Plot Challenge:

Thank you to everyone who has participated. I really expected to be doing this by my lonesome, so I’m very happy that you’ve joined in. I hope this has been a useful exercise for you too. I’ve been looking forward to all your Friday stories! It gets better every week.

By the way, if you have suggestions for a weekly challenge, or themes you’d like to write about, please let me know!

17 Comments to “5 Weeks of Author Aerobics – Recap!”

  1. This has been a great run, so far!

    I’m sad, but I do think I have to bow out this week… and maybe next week too. Got to study for midterms this week, and actually take midterms next week.

    Luckily, J.P. and Aidan have taken up the call, so there should still be some good stories!

    I might try to post, instead, on Friday another old story from my younger years, but it won’t be a real response to this week’s challenge. (It will also be a tiny bit friendlier on my time demands, at the moment.)

      1. The ring = the NYTimes bestseller list! No orcs would be nice. Rarely do you hear that dragons build character…Rejection letters have fangs and breathe fire but they’re not nearly as fatal.

      2. And yes, if you carry the bestseller list in your heart for too long, it will destroy your soul as you become consumed by the desire for fame and fortune and lose sight of the true worth of your writing.

        (I wantsssss it, my precioussssssss.)

  2. Lua

    Sadly I didn’t have any time to participate, but as a reader I enjoyed this so much! Can’t wait to read more from all of you guys 🙂

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