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Flash Fiction: The Comet’s Love Song

This is my entry for this week’s Writer’s Carnival. How could I resist the theme of fallen angels?

The Comet’s Love Song
by T. S. Bazelli

I heard you call to me in your dreams. Your blue green promise wakened me from frosted slumber. Come, you called, and I strayed on my journey though the vastness of space, drifting towards you, my only love. How could I resist?

I am yours.

Faster now, I approach. The sound of your promises scream loudly in my heart as you come into view. Already I am dying, but I cannot refuse your gravity. I burn, shedding first the ice of my long journey, and then the fragments of  stars.

I feel you reach out to embrace me. You too shed skin at the impact, our dusts mingling, and I sink into you, losing myself.

The last smolders of my body are cooling in your gentle breath. I am almost gone, but I am content, my love, to have burned hotly at least once.

9 Comments to “Flash Fiction: The Comet’s Love Song”

  1. Love this: “I burn, shedding first the ice of my long journey, and then the fragments of stars.”

    In terms of the writing, I think this piece is your strongest yet! And I love how it could work on so many levels (literal or figurative).

  2. Also, too bad the comet didn’t love the poor dinosaurs who were infesting the skin of her true love.

    It was well-written and very nice, but that’s kind of the image that came to my head at the end. 😉

    1. hehe actually I did think of that, but it broke up the flow of the story. Decided that this was a smaller comet and not an actual extinction level event. But! ah hah! You did assume it was earth. That’s good. That’s what I was hoping. 🙂

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